We’re a group of local young and emerging adults coming together across Lewis County to help one another thrive, find a sense of belonging, and have a voice in our community.

The LCYA Mission:

As Lewis County Young Adults, we create spaces and provide support for both young and emerging adults in our community. We strive to bridge divides and foster inclusivity by encouraging relationships, providing learning opportunities, building alliances with community partners, and inviting one another to engage in our shared interests.

What does this look like?

LCYA offers a monthly community meeting that serves as an open social space for young adults to connect, as well as offers a facilitated forum for conversation on varying issues of interest to our local YA community.

Additionally, a small organizational group meets monthly to coordinate the various actions of involved individuals and committees, as well as address organizational considerations.

Through the combined work of these two bodies, LCYA seeks to develop into an arena where local young adults come together and are enabled to respond actively and creatively to the needs we feel and see in our community.